Monday , 28 November 2022
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Sample Workout To Get Your Fat Loss Engines Going

Multiplanar Movements are exercises that ensure you are moving in all dimensions (Forward and Back, Side to Side, and Rotation). Why do you want to do this? By choosing exercises that move your body in all directions you will be increasing your fat loss results exponentially.

Let’s say you wanted to train your legs and butt. A typical Leg Press machine would just have you working in the Forward and Back direction. But what if you chose to do a Squat instead? Here’s how you could hit all directions:

Basic Squat – Feet shoulder width apart and sit back as if you were going to sit on a bench and then use your legs and butt to come back up to a standing position. (Forward and Back)
Side Squat – Perform the same squatting movement but now step out to the side, alternating left and right, with each squat. (Side to Side)
Sumo Walk Squat – Go down into a squat position and walk forward and back like a sumo wrestler would. (Rotation)
As you can see, this will take A LOT more muscles than just a plain old leg press and give you much, much better results.

This is exactly what Dr. K does for all of his patients and includes these workouts in his incredible Double Edged Fat Loss Program.

I asked Dr. K if he could give my readers a sample workout so you can try this method out for yourself. You’ll not only see what a kick butt workout this is, but also, how quickly you’ll experience awesome results.

Try this Muiltiplanar Movement Workout to get your fat burning engines moving right now:

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