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Appetite Suppressant Diet Eat The Right Foods To Curb Your Hunger

Did you know that you can structure the way you eat to in fact have an appetite suppressant diet? You don’t have to take potions or pills in order to curb your hunger. You just have to eat the right foods at the right times. That, in fact, is the key to the appetite suppressant diet.

Processed foods tend to be high in refined carbohydrates and low in fiber. When you eat a donut or drink a soda, you will have dramatic swings in your blood sugar levels. This causes a hunger spike. So, while you may grab a candy bar from the vending machine in the middle of the afternoon to curb a hunger pang, you may actually be causing yourself to become hungrier shortly thereafter.

If you have common nutritional deficiencies, these problems become worse. Did you know that virtually all Americans are deficient in zinc, vitamin D, various B vitamins, magnesium and other important nutrients? People have these deficiencies as a result of eating the wrong mix of foods. But, most people with these deficiencies satisfy their hunger with more of the bad foods, making the problem even worse.

Appetite Suppressant FoodsSo what should you eat on an appetite suppressant diet? What you want to do is get your calories from whole foods. In other words, shop around the outside of the grocery store and don’t go down the middle isles.

Aviod all refined carbohydrates such as white bread, rice, flour, high fructose corn syrup, sugars, tortillas, and cereals for a month and see how the appetite suppressant diet changes your hunger patterns.

This does not mean that you have to go on a low-carb diet. You are still permitted to have the carbohydrates found in most fruits and vegetables in unlimited quantities.

Plan to eat a salad of leafy greens each day. You can use an olive oil or vinegar based dressing. Add meats such as chicken or grilled salmon to make it a meal.

When you just need something to munch on, try pickles. An entire jar of pickles has only 50 calories in it.

An apple a day keeps the diet away. Their bulky fiber makes apples great appetite suppressant diet foods.

When you start to add a variety of fruits and vegetables to your diet, you will also get the variety of vitamins and minerals you need. As you correct your nutritional deficits, you will notice your hunger diminishes.

Finally, you should start to drink a good amount of water each day. Men should have 13 cups (8 ounces) of water based liquids each day while women should shoot for 9 cups. If you don’t like plain water, iced tea, sugar free punch mixes, and other drinks count. But, soda has a dehydrating effect which is the exact opposite of what you want, so it doesn’t count.

It is possible to have an appetite suppressant diet. It just means filling your pantry and refrigerator with foods that are good for you rather than going for the quick and easy solution of processed foods high in refined carbohydrates.

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