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The Best Butt Exercises for a Sexy Firm Butt and Thighs

Sexy Firm Butt

Want to know what the best butt exercise is to get that sexy tight firm butt? I don’t think I know one single woman that doesn’t want to achieve a tighter firmer butt. Well, the answer to your quest for the best butt exercise is not in some fancy machine or butt blaster. In fact, most of your best butt exercises are simply done with bodyweight or free weights. I’ll …

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The 3 Best Ab Exercises That Are Not Direct Ab Exercises

Mountain Climbers on Floor

Instead of the typical ab exercise routines that we see so often with crunches, situps, leg lifts, etc… I like to give my readers better options for metabolism-boosting high intensity workouts that work their entire body while also working their abs. I’m going to show you an example today of one of my favorite ab workouts that doesn’t include any direct ab exercises at all. It’s in a tri-set format …

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Advanced Workouts For Not Only Abs and Core, but Full Body

Advanced Workouts Plyo Push Ups

I received a question today from a Sergeant who was looking for high intensity workouts with some work for abs, core, and full body to take his team of 30+ soldiers to a new level of fitness in preparation for their PT testing. He basically said that the men had reached a plateau in their training and needed something really high intensity to take them to the next level. My …

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Ab Workouts Do Not Cause Stomach Fat Loss

Stomach Fat Loss

It seems that everyone is always asking me what the best ab workouts are to get a flatter stomach. The common belief that ab workouts will help you to lose belly fat is one of the biggest misconceptions I deal with daily as a fitness professional. Almost everyone has varying degrees of excess body fat in the abdominal region, and the best way to burn off that extra stomach fat …

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Ab Workout and Fat Loss Mistakes You Must Avoid

Gain Muscle and Lose Fat

If you want to discover some areas where you may be going wrong in your ab workouts and your attempts at losing stomach fat, I have an interview for you here that you’ll want to read. In the interview, we discuss the topic of abs training and the biggest myths and mistakes we see in this field. Here’s a copy of the training portion of the interview below. We’ll discuss …

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5 Reasons Why Elliptical Machines and Treadmills are Useless Exercises

Jumping Rope

I know that all of the elliptical and treadmill worshipers are probably fuming at me now after that article headline, but the fact is, ellipticals and treadmills are one of the least effective methods of working out in existence. With this article, I’ll show you how to get a much more effective fat-burning workout without wasting time mindlessly exercising on a boring elliptical machine or treadmill. Now first let me …

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What is the Best Ab Workout for Belly Fat Loss

Ab Workout for Belly Fat Loss

The answer to the age-old question of “What is the best ab workout for losing stomach fat?” is… None! Ab workouts alone don’t create enough of a metabolic response in your body to create fat loss. As a trainer, nutrition specialist, and fitness professional, I often get asked what the best types of exercises and workouts are for losing stubborn stomach fat in order to bring out visible six pack …

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Unique Fat Loss Workouts for Time Crunched Individuals

Unique Fat Loss Workouts

Warning: this style of workout is WAY different than anything you’ve ever tried before and may result in a dramatically leaner, stronger body so that your friends no longer recognize you in a matter of weeks! Alright, I exaggerated about your friends recognizing you, but this workout is still great for busy people that always use the excuse that they don’t have time to go to the gym, or even …

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How I Use Exercise to Help Me Lose Weight

Cardio Exercises

When I finally got fed up with being rotund, the first thing I did was clean up my diet. However, this was’t enough to help me lose weight consistently. With the amount of fat, I needed to lose, nutrition alone just was’t going to cut it; so I started an exercise program to keep those fat-burning results coming. Here’s how to use exercise to send unwanted body fat packing. Do …

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