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Determining the Right and Effective Acai Berry Product for You

Acai berries are all natural and is highly known throughout the world to provide numerous health benefits to our body. Maybe now you are itching to get started in rebuilding a whole new healthier you and your already convinced that acai berries will help you achieve your goals. There are some considerations though to ponder about before starting on your health quest, here I will show you some of the factors that you need to weigh to determine which acai berry product will do you best.

First off, if you want to get the full health benefits that acai berries provide you have to get the acai berries that are still fresh. The problem is, acai berries spoil fast and to compound the problem, they can’t be found anywhere except in the South American jungle. If you live near the Amazon then good for you, if not, then you have a predicament. If acai berries are not consumed within a day or two, it will lose all its nutritional value. So, it must be eaten right away or it should be processed.

Thanks to modern science, there are several ways in which the acai berry can be processed to retain its full nutritional qualities. They can be made into a concentrated form like a juice or a powder or a capsule. It is important to know the amount of acai berry that is mixed into the product. For example, even if you take a 500 ml acai berry juice on a daily basis with only about 30 percent acai berry as an ingredient, it wouldn’t amount the same to taking a one hundred percent acai berry juice of the same size ingested thrice a week.

The amount of Acai berry you introduce to your body makes a huge difference on how it will make a healthy impact to your well being. So it is important that you are able to check the label of the product you are purchasing to know its contents. More importantly though, if you have the opportunity to purchase fresh acai berry do so, as most of the nutrients can be found on its skin and pulp. So, if an acai berry product says on its label that it contains acai berry extract, it won’t be as nutritious as the actual fruit itself. But still, it’s the amount of acai berry that will make the difference.

Beware of acai berry scams, because this wonderful fruit has grown leaps and bounds in popularity, there are now a number of products that proclaim they can provide all the nutritional goodness that acai berry can provide but don’t really have much of the value as they would like you to think.

Make sure that you are buying from a reputable source and that you will be able to read the content label. Choose the acai berry product that has the berry as its main ingredient or better yet, its only ingredient.

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