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Dispelling the Myths About the Acai Berry

When it comes to our body and its health, its quite understandable that a person will be wary about the different products that other people may suggest. And you certainly should be. Many products today, especially those made from chemicals can cause serious harm to our health that is why this article will tackle the many myths that have been circulating about the acai berry and provide answers that have been proven by the many different studies done on this wondrous fruit.

First off, we should deal with what is factual; the acai berry is an all natural supplement that is naturally packed with many types of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other compounds which can help provide all the nutrients our body needs. Also, based on the studies that the USDA have done on the acai berry, this fruit provides no harmful effects to the body.

Acai BerryNow, some of you may have been put off in using acai berry because of some of the stories you have heard about it. Here are three of the most common myths that have been circulating about this wonder fruit.

First Myth: Why are acai berries not available at our local store if they are indeed good for me and is now in great demand? While it is true that if there is a great demand then it would certainly be made available to the consumers, the acai berry is known to have a very short storage life and it is not viable for any store to place them on their shelves or refrigerator. Also, acai berries are quickly made into the different forms it is marketed in to ensure that the nutrients are not lost.

Second Myth: If the Acai Berry is so good, then why is it just being sold now and why haven’t we heard about it before? The answer to this is simple. Because the acai berry has a short shelf life, it wasn’t viable before to take it out from the Amazon jungle where it naturally grows. But because modern science has allowed for different processes to convert the fruit into different forms without losing its natural health benefits, we are now able to enjoy the benefits this fruit can provide. And because it has been given a lot of media attention, it’s not difficult to see why its popularity has soared high. Also, many reputable and well known personalities, such as Oprah, have shown their approval for this supplement and only until now has it been shared in these parts of the world.

Third Myth: Acai Berry is only a supplement and is not effective in losing weight. Acai berry is indeed a supplement and it provides many nutrients, these nutrients though have the capability of increasing our metabolism which in turn aids greatly in losing weight. A body with high metabolism burns fat faster, as we grow old our metabolism slows down. Also, the acai berry is naturally packed with high levels of fiber which helps our body to digest the food we eat properly. Both of these factors greatly help a person to shed unwanted pounds.

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