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Doctor Recommended Boot Camps Weightloss Camps

Doctor Recommended Boot Camps-Weightloss Camps

When you decide that enough is enough and you have found the motivation to finally lose the extra weight you have been carrying around you might want to talk to your personal care physician about doctor recommended boot camps.

Your personal care physician will most likely want to give you the once over just to make sure that you are healthy enough to undergo the intense physical demands on your body that comes with doctor recommended boot camps.

This is a good thing to do because then you will know that nothing will get in the way of you accomplishing your goals.

When you get to boot camp you will also have the staff there who will no doubt do a physical assessment as well to get a baseline of where you are at the beginning of the program to compare not only along the way to measure your progress but at the end of the program to measure your success.

You will have to step on a scale to get your starting weight and then whomever does your assessment will take measurements of specific places on your body to measure how many inches you lose along the way.

Then, taking into consideration your age, height, and weight, they will calculate you BMI, or body mass index. Basically, this measures the amount of muscle to fat ratio you actually have on your body.

Do not let any of this dissuade you from your goals. It is what it is and that’s why you joined the camp, to lose the weight and gain lean muscle.

Lean muscle will burn fat and calories even while you are sleeping. The more you gain the faster you will burn the excess fat from your body and the sooner you will see results.

The sooner you start seeing results the more you will be motivated to keep the weight off when the program is completed.

Exercise and building lean muscle is not the do all end all, however. If you do not figure out why you eat the way you do you will more than likely revert back to old habits when the program is completed. You do not want that.

So, one thing that should be taught along with the exercise regimen at these camps is nutrition. There is a lot that goes into nutrition besides eating and it starts with shopping at the grocery store correctly.

You must learn to stop shopping for foods that are convenient. Convenience foods are loaded with bad carbohydrates because they are processed so they are easy to prepare.

Start shopping for and eating fresh foods like the kind you find in the produce section. You may think that it will take more time to prepare your meals but wait til you taste the difference. Fresh just tastes better.

Doctor recommended boot camps should have sections of the program that will teach you how to shop and cook and eat much better than you do now. Make sure, before you join, that the program does include some hands on cooking lessons so you not only lose the weight but can take what you learn back home with you.

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