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Raspberry Ketones Diet Buy Raspberry Ketones Max – Review

With the Raspberry Ketones diet having had a sudden burst in popularity only in the last couple of months, there isn’t masses of information available about them. I’ve collected as much of the important information as I could find in this main post, my overview of the supplement, enjoy! …

Popularity explosion

Raspberry Ketones MaxRaspberry Ketones Max

Raspberry Ketones have actually been in use for weight loss since 1965, at which time the FDA approved it as safe, giving it their ‘generally recognized as safe’ (GRAS) rating, commenting that it can be used without any adverse side effects.

But it wasn’t until they were featured on the Dr Oz show, followed by a couple of posts about it on his website in April 2012 that the interest in the Raspberry Ketone diet exploded in popularity. The video and article went viral, and a lot of Dr Ozs loyal fans ran to the local stores to buy the product, in some cases, only to find that a lot of these stores had sold out! Canada’s ‘ The Star’ reported a run on its Raspberry Ketones products. A pharmacist wrote that bottles were ‘flying off the shelf’ in Augusta, Kansas, there are many other such stories…There are a lot places where you can buy these products online now, the online market is really capitalizing on the trend.

How this supplement works – six different pathways to weight loss

Raspberry Ketone is known as a phenolic compound (they are natural substances that come from plants), responsible for the distinctive smell of red raspberries. It’s got a history of usage in cosmetics, perfumery, and is regularly used as a food additive because of its enticing smell.

It has been reported that this supplement works in 5 different ways to bring about weight loss! I’ve looked them all up for you…

1. Releases norepinephrine which increases lipolysis (the breakdown of lipids, a type of metabolism that removes fat from your bodies’ fat stores)

A study on mice mentioned in more detail below showed that these ketones increase the release of norepinephrine, a powerful hormone in affecting weight loss by changing brain signals, which enhances the breakdown of your fat cells.

Norepinephrine is known to increase your bodies’ metabolism through the process of lipolysis (the breaking down of lipids, a type of metabolism that will reduces your fat stores).

So, by increasing levels of this hormone, your metabolism is improved, hence faster weight loss.

This supplement has been noted as particularly effective at reducing weight gains based on high fat diets. Of course you should combine this supplement with some kind of exercise and healthier eaten regiment to get the best results, but it’s nice to know that if you slip up and have times of high fat intake, the impact will be reduced by taking this supplement.

2. Raised levels of another hormone, adiponectin

3. Better energy expenditure by affected thermogenesis (your bodies’ heat production) in brown adipose tissue

4. Increased fat burning

5. The inhibition of fat absorption

Clinical studies on Raspberry Ketones

It is simply not possible at this time to find a great deal of confirmation about consistent weight loss for this product, but a lot of people online are reporting weight loss of 7-10lb in the first month, and continuing weight loss for months after, it obviously works, but simply hasn’t been heavily studied yet.

Studies were carried out to discover their weight loss potential after positive weight loss results were shown from very similar compounds such as synephrine and capsaicin. They had ‘lipolytic’ action, which results in fat breakdown, and this was demonstrated on rats’ fat cells.

In 2010, a study was the carried out by the Nutrition & Functional Food Research Team from Korea, continuing the work of a second study, carried out by Japans Department of Medical Biochemistry, but on rodents.

Mice were given a high fat diet which had .5, 1 or 2% of raspberry ketones in it to see if these ketones were able to reduce obesity brought about by the fatty diet.

Both studies concluded that the ketones reduces the level of obesity brought about by a high fat diet and helps fatty liver problems by improving lipid metabolism, increasing production of the hormone norepinephrine (its weight loss action is explained above). They also found that it increase production of another hormone adiponectin, which helps by regulating how your sugars and fats are processed in the blood.

Side Effects – what side effects?

There are thankfully no reported side effects from 100% Raspberry ketones products, and to date I haven’t heard about any side effects worse than mild headaches and sleep disturbances from products from aren’t 100% pure ketones. Here’s what I found on WebMD about them:

‘No side effects from taking red raspberry have been reported.’

Still, if you’re pregnant or breast feeding, it’s always wise to consult with your doctor before trying supplements like this.

Raspberry Ketones MaxRaspberry Ketones Max

I recommend you check out this retailer, they offer a decent product. Here’s some more info about it…

They offer 300mg per dosage, which is a typical dosage for Raspberry Ketones.

You can buy either a 6 month supply for the price of 3 or a 3 month supply for the price of two if you order at the moment! Check it out here!

They offer a couple of bonuses as well, a deeply relaxing CD with suppliminal messages to help with weight loss, access to their online weight loss community and a free ebook with some weight loss strategies you might not have tried yet to complement taking the supplement.

Oh, plus a 90 day guarantee, they’re confident about their product!


Here’s a bullet pointed conclusion about the Raspberry Ketones supplement to summarize…

General health benefits – The Raspberry Ketones diet offers which people have been benefiting from for centuries by eating the raspberries.
Multiple different pathways to weight loss
No reported side effects
Expected weight loss of 7-10lbs in the first month
Product discounts – 6 months for the price of 3, or 3 for the price of 2 discounts.

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