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Raspberry Ketones ~ Miracle Fat Burner

Chances are, you might have been eating red raspberries but you have no idea all along that such wonder fruit contain compounds that have the ability to burn fat. Raspberry ketones contain (4-(4-hydroxyphenyl),butan-2-1) that has similar fat burning ability as synephrine and capsaicin, the two most common ingredients in most weight loss drugs.

Although this discovery about red raspberries is a milestone, the plant has been listed in 1965 as one of the safest fruit-bearing plant to eat. So, this is not entirely a surprise that red raspberries are found to be good in burning fat, the plant has long been very promising.

Raspberry KetonesClinical studies

A group of scientists in Japan also conducted an experiment about red raspberries. The study took place in Ehime University in 2005, where they fed mice a high-fat diet and a certain ounce of ketones from red raspberries for several weeks. The high fat diet was induced to observe the chemical reaction of the ketones in the mice’s body.

The result was astonishing as experimenters observed that there were no significant changes in the body weight of the mice and they had linked the effect to the ketones of the raspberries. Again, they fed the mice with the same high-fat diet but this time with a reduced ounce of ketones in the succeeding weeks. The medical students of Ehime University were even more amazed of the result because the mice lost some weight. This study was the named “Anti-Obese action for Raspberry Ketones” and this was published in the US’s National Library of Medicine National Institutes for Health on the same year, 2005.

Now, you might have second thoughts about these ketones because after all, the clinical study was conducted on mice; but come to know that mice and humans have identical genetic makeup. Even other medical breakthroughs are tested first on animals and the tests are usually done on mice. This makes mice the most heavily tested of the animals in the books of science and medical advancements. The idea is that if it did well on mice, it might do well on humans, too. And there have been testimonials of real people who have experienced first-hand the wonderful effect of the ketones in their body.

The Dr Oz Show

In fact, it was Dr Oz who boldly introduced it to the public on national TV when he featured the weight loss product made from the ketones of raspberries in his popular TV show. It was then followed by claims of fitness enthusiast and weight loss professional Lisa Lynn. She had a few of her clients try the product. It was such a success because her clients reported back to her that they lost significant weight fast with the use of the ketone supplementation.

The raspberry ketones are promoted as a supplement and it is not intended to replace exercise and healthy diet. When trying to lose some weight, it is very important to set your expectations right to avoid frustrations. A good supplement such as ketones should be coupled with a good diet and exercise.

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