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Raspberry Ketones Not Just For Weight Loss

Raspberry Ketones are not new and not just for the popular Weight Loss!

Raspberries have been used for medical purposes since 1597. Diseases such as diabetes have been treated with Raspberry leaves. High fevers and many different kinds of pains have been treated as well.

Raspberry Ketones even though they have been proven to effectively promote weight loss they have many health benefits that have not been talked about. Raspberry Ketones actually produce a common hormone called norepinephrine, which suppresses your appetite and increases and your metabolism’s rate which in turn is promoting a burning of fat and calories. Doctors have also stated the molecular structure of Raspberry Ketone is most like capsaicin and synephrine. These compounds create thermogenesis which produces heat in our bodies thus oxidating fat in the process. Hence the weight loss.

However, Raspberry Ketones produces a protein called adiponectin. This protein decreases your glucose levels, which is why there is a weight loss effect, but also why it is useful in treating the diseases diabetes. What a great side effect to have! The medical community have stated that some people who are obese have a lack of this protein. Break through for genetics in families that suffer with obesity. Proving that there is something to heredity and obesity.

Other Raspberry Ketones Health Benefits Are:

  • Normalizes the body’s cholesterol and blood pressure levels.
  • Abundant in phytochemicals-anti-carcinogenic properties
  • Natural antioxidants
  • Alleviate inflammation
  • Help release omega-3 fatty acids

Raspberry Ketones BenefitsDr.s also claim that this “Miracle Fat Burner” has no side effects. Which compared to other fat burning pills on the market is a huge plus! Not only do Raspberry Ketones not have any known side effects, they have so many other added healthy benefits that you could be taking them for, weight loss may be the pleasant side effect. Boy that would be a welcomed surprise by most of us, I’m sure. Not what you would expect.

Recommended Dosage: 100mg with breakfast and 200 mg with lunch. Capsules are available and so is a powder form to add into smoothies or other meals.

Raspberries just all around are one of the most amazing fruits we have on the planet! Besides they taste great! They are rich is antioxidants, vitamins, including vitamin B, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid, vitamin C, manganese, copper and potassium. The Ketones are phenolic compounds that are responsible for the weight loss properties. So no matter how you eat them, slice them, blend them and toss them in what ever you want, Raspberries are ranked up there as one of the greatest fruits and foods we have.

I am always doing research in the Health and Wellness areas and sharing my findings. I love the info I found on Raspberry Ketones in regards to the many health benefits they offer and not just in the weight loss arena. Raspberries are really healthy in many ways.
When recent medical teams preformed some amazing new research on Raspberries they truly found that Raspberry Ketones are a Miracle Food with many more healthful properties than we ever knew. Make Raspberries part of your daily diet and enjoy the healthy bounty.

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