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Truth About Green Coffee Bean Extract

Being a woman or man with a few extra pounds can negatively affect to your self-esteem especially if you are single. Studies show that more women, young or old are negatively affected by being overweight then men although obesity is a both a health concern for anyone.

There are many different products on the market these days that say that can help you lose weight but require strict diets and exercise. Well if we all had the energy and the discipline we would need to take supplements.

What interesting about a green coffee bean extract is that it doesn’t require exercise or a change in diet. Yes you heard me correctly!

Clinical studies present by popular TV host “Dr. Oz” showed that participants did in fact lose weight without changing anything in their daily life styles.

Learning this really sparked my interest so I started my own research into the facts behind these claims. I documented my investigation in this article.

How Green Coffee Bean Extracts Work

Green Coffee Bean Extracts

First of all you need to understand the different types being sold on the market as not all are in an extract form. You will find extract liquids and extract supplements.

The main products being sold online are in fact pills/supplements that contain crushed green coffee bean powder. The liquid form that’s available is often used in teas or drinks.

With either type the main active ingredient is called “Chlorogenic acid” and its only found in the raw Green coffee Beans. It’s not present in the roasted coffee bean because it’s removed in the process of roasting. This acid is powerful and unique in the way it reacts within the human body. It will control body fat levels, blood sugar levels, cardiovascular function and help you maintain a healthy body weight.

The liquid form usually contains very little Chlorogenic acid whereas the supplements usually have at least 50%.

When a person takes capsules of the Green coffee extract, chlorogenic acids travel through the bloodstream and is absorbed into the cells of the body. They reduce the effects of toxins and combat free radicals in the bloodstream which damage the body’s cells contributing to the aging process. The end result is improved muscle tone and circulation, weight loss and the slowing down of the aging process.

Supplements of Green coffee beans have less caffeine than the roasted coffee bean which is used to make a cup of coffee. Green coffee beans are naturally lower in caffeine and are high in antioxidants.

Glucose and Weight Loss

The liver is responsible for changing glucagon into glucose which is then emitted into the blood to feed the body. Chlorogenic acids inhibit this process by preventing the release of the G6P enzyme and in so doing stabilizes the levels of sugar in blood. Fact is people with diabetes can therefore benefit from taking Green coffee bean extract also.

It has been proven that chlorogenic acids are responsible for reduction of body weight through the control of sugar in the blood forcing the body to use current energy stores.

Glucose that is not used by the body for production of energy feeds fat cells contributing to weight gain. The Chlorogenic acids force the body to use fats for production of energy and also boost the body’s metabolism.

Now you can see why Dr. Oz says you do not have to exercise or change your diet.

Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Research has shown that Green coffee extract has a number of health benefits.

>> Prevents new fat accumulation

Fat is another form of calories that are not utilized by the body. Most of the fat stored by the body comes from a variety of foods that are high in calories. By taking green coffee extract regularly, fat accumulation can be prevented. The active substance contained in green coffee may prevent the formation of the enzyme lipase in pancreas. This enzyme is tasked to facilitate the absorption of fats from the digestive system. By preventing the formation of the enzyme lipase from the pancrease, the body will not absorb the fat. In this way the accumulation of fat can be prevented.

>> Maintains blood sugar level

Green coffee is known to be a rich in anti-oxidant polyphenol and chlorogenic acid. This makes it very powerful to overcome insulin resistance. This is one of the real coffee bean extract benefits for diabetics. By overcoming insulin resistance, the absorption of glucose into the cells is done more easily so blood sugar levels remain more stable.

>> Lowering blood pressure

High blood pressure is closely related to cholesterol in the blood. Cholesterol is one type of liquid fat that easily attaches to the walls of blood vessel. Cholesterol is attached to the blood vessels for a long time can be harden and will narrow the arteries. This will aggravate the performance of the heart and results in higher blood pressure. By taking green coffee extract, cholesterol level can be reduced.

>> Increase metabolism

Caffeine in coffee has been known to increase metabolism. The content of chlorogenic acid in green coffee extract also has a role in increasing the metabolism of fat in the liver and prevents the absorption of fats from the digestive system. This has been proven in the various studies conducted on volunteers, and experimental animal such as mice. The use of green coffee extract after two weeks of usage may reduce body fat significantly.

>> Curing Alzheimer’s disease

I found a study that revealed some positive effects on Alzheimer patients. Alzheimer’s is a disease that is often experienced by the elderly. Various studies have shown the use of green coffee extract can improve the performance of brain cell activity thus slowing the dementia process.

How Much To Take

The typical rule for any weight loss treatment is to stay on it for a minimum of 3 months and here’s why…Many people can lose body weight in the form of water retention in the body. This is why folks will see results right away which can be misleading.

Real weight loss in the form of fat cell shrinkage takes time.

Another factor to consider is the type of green coffee bean supplement you may be taking. Not all are created equal. There are many junk products on the market these days.

A real pure green coffee extract with 50% chlorogenic acid should be taken twice a day, once in the morning and once mid-afternoon. Because it boost metabolism you will not want to take it later in the day as you may have trouble trying to sleep at bed time. The supplement will give you energy when you need it throughout the day.

Right now you can get Free bottles of pure green coffee bean extract when you purchase a certain amount of bottles.

Here’s how it works:

Buy 2 bottles get 1 FREE or Buy 3 bottles get 3 FREE

Buy 2 bottles get 1 FREE or Buy 3 bottles get 3 FREE. Here’s the order form.

Take advantage of the FREE bottle offer as this will allow you to see real weight loss.

Side Effects

Dr. Oz gave people in his audience free bottles to try and recorded their feedback and shared the results on his TV show. Not one person reported any form of side effects at all.

The clinical studies he reviewed from controlled lab testing showed no side effects at all which really is amazing.

Many people that I have spoken to that have been on the extract for full six months minimum told me there were no side effects but stressed the importance of not taking the supplement later in the day because it will keep you awake throughout the night.

The main reason there have never been any reported side effects with a pure supplement is the fact that the ingredients in the pills are completely all natural and they work with the body not against it. Consumers have been using it for years and have seen great results without any side effects at all.

$ $ How To Save Money When You Buy $ $

When you are directed to the Official site you first make your selection for the extract pills simply complete the form with your name and address.

On the next page where you’ll make your selection for how many bottles you will want to purchase. You will see the free bottle offers.

Green Coffee Bean Reviews

Online shoppers ( me included ) always want to know what works and how well.

When I watched the Dr. Oz show, like most, I was shocked that he called it a miracle weight loss pill. The clinical studies he and his team had reviewed and spoke about on the show convinced me to do my own investigation.

I did not find any negative feedback from consumers unlike most products these days.

I have seen many positive reviews and some people I emailed swore their green coffee bean supplements were working amazing for them. Almost all of these reviews and interviews that I conducted revealed and decrease in weight.

Let’s Talk About Green Coffee Bean Max

As stated earlier there are many different types of coffee bean products out there but not all are created equal. Some have to be taken 4 times a day meaning you will have to buy larger quantities. Others boast 910mg of green coffee bean extract which is too much therefore your body discards what it won’t use, wasting your money.

Green coffee bean max is a formula that consist of 800mg of coffee bean extract with 50% chlorogenic acid.

Clinical Studies

Clinical Studies
Clinical Research About Green Coffee Bean Extract

One of the clinical studies I personally reviewed was presented at the American Chemical Society’s national meeting held in San Diego. There were 16 young adults that were overweight, participated in the study.

Some took a high dose and other took a lower dose. Those that took the higher dose saw a 17lb reduction in weight within 22 weeks. On average there was and overall reduction of body weight of 10.5%.

I found this study performed in 12 healthy volunteers with different coffee products containing glucose show that instant coffee enriched with chlorogenic acid induced a reduction in the absorption of glucose of 6.9% compared with the control.

No such effects were seen with normal or decaffeinated instant coffee. In a second, comparative, randomized, double-blind, 12-week study we investigated the effect on the body mass of 30 overweight people, compared with normal instant coffee.

The average losses in mass in the chlorogenic acid enriched and normal instant coffee groups were 5.4 and 1.7 kg, respectively.

This concludes that using an enriched instant coffee with chlorogenic acid appears to have a significant effect on the absorption and utilization of glucose within a diet.

If coffee enriched with chlorogenic acid is used for a period of long time, may result in reduced body weight.

Source: J Int Med Res. 2007 Nov-Dec;35(6):900-8

Suggested Use

I noticed that the instructions on the bottle can be confusing so I will help explain how to take green coffee bean supplements.

Your objective with these types of supplements is to keep the beneficial nutrients in your system throughout your active part of the day. You should take these types of supplements in the morning when you wake and again just after lunch. The boost to your metabolism will keep you awake and alert all day. You DO NOT want to take these supplements after supper or bed time as they will keep you awake throughout the night.

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Keep an eye out for our reviews of other weight loss systems in detail and see what they can do for you.

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