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Uncovering the Acai Berry Chronicles

Finding its “roots” in parts of Brazil, in the Amazon jungle, the acai berry has been providing the Brazilians with the boost they need to achieve a healthy body and to help develop their muscles and body tone for a great looking body. This fruit have been an open secret in this part of the world for centuries, with its tremendous health enhancing capacities, and is now being shared to the rest of the globe just recently.

The popularity of this fruit have soared and it’s easy to become a skeptic as to its real nutritional value. As a matter of fact, many scientists have sought out the answer to this seemingly super food that has swept this part of the world. Many studies have been done to determine how effective the acai berry is in helping our body in numerous ways. And to add another fact, studying the acai berry is very difficult as they have a very short storage life and is difficult to transport for a long period of time without losing many of its nutritional values.

Acai BerrySo if the acai berry is not viable to be consumed fresh in other parts of the world, then how can we avail of its nutritional benefits? Well, acai berries can be turned into different forms using modern processes. Many companies have turned them into fruit juices and other liquid form and into pills and powders as supplements. Many studies have gone into these processes to ensure that none of its value is lost.

Also, many of these studies have been done initially to ensure that acai berries do possess the capability to help us achieve a healthy body. In fact, most of these studies have come to a general conclusion that acai berries are good sources of nutrients and other compounds that is able to help in enhancing our immune system, promote weight loss, boost our digestive system, promote good sleep, maintain the blood pressure, ward off diseases such as cancer and heart problems, and a lot more.

This information derived from acai berry studies have shown that this magnificent fruit is one of the best source of wellness in the modern age. In fact, it has also been proven that the acai berry is a good detoxification agent as it provides a high level of antioxidants. And better yet, in this age where most of our medical needs are provided by manmade chemicals with fearsome side effects, the acai berry is an all natural supplement to our health dilemmas and no other than a study by the USDA has shown that this fruit in many of its all natural form does not provide any harm to the human body.

While some may think that the acai berry is just a fad that has been elevated to great heights because of all the media hype, it is undeniable that studies from very reputable clinics and laboratories have shown that the acai berry has indeed many health benefits to offer.

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