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What Is This Raspberry Ketone Craze

What’s all this you’ve been hearing about raspberry ketones, you wonder? It was a supplement touted by Dr. Oz on The Dr. Oz show not too long ago. Dr. Oz, if you haven’t heard of him, is somewhat of a guru in the natural supplement world, and what he says goes. Sort of like Oprah. When he mentions a product the internet is on fire with searches. Natural supplement vendors and pharmacists need to become experts on the product over night to speak with consumers the following day.

Raspberry ketones are supposed to promote fat loss WITHOUT the thermogenic effect you experience from many other diet supplements – it lowers fat absorption and helps breaks down the fat that you do absorb without stimulating the cardiovascular system.

Raspberry Ketones DietRaspberry ketones are derived from the European red raspberry; a fruit that has been consumed for centuries. Like many fruits, European red raspberry contains many compounds beneficial to overall health. However, raspberry ketones are the aromatic quality of raspberries and are very much expensive. That means that most raspberry ketones are created by scientists simply combining the same components that make up the natural ketone. There is no difference and it is much more cost effective as the yield is 99%.

The equivalent amount of red raspberries you would need to consume to garner the same effects as taking a supplement? 90 pounds.

While I have not personally tried this approach to weight loss, apparently the current craze is justified. This simple, natural supplement has provided many with the means to stimulate weight loss. A study was performed in 2005 by Morimoto et al. and it was concluded that raspberry ketones induce lipolysis, that is, the breaking down of fat cells. Mice were fed a high fat diet and thus rendered obese. They were then subsequently fed raspberry ketones along with the same high fat diet and it was determined that raspberry ketones prevented the high fat side effects (aka weight gain around the abdominal area as well as the liver) as well as helped the mice lose the weight already accumulated. It was a result of the raspberry ketones working to increase lipid metabolism.

Although this experiment was admittedly NOT performed on humans, we are expected to reap the same benefits as the rodents and many have reported as such. The recommended daily dosage is 200 mgs a day – 100 mgs at breakfast and the remaining 100 mgs at lunch.

There have been no side effects reported, however if you are pregnant or diabetic, please consult your physician. Under 18? Consult your physician.

When you’re looking around to purchase raspberry ketones, be sure that it is listed as the main ingredient – not at the bottom of the ingredient list. As in many cases, this supplement will be the MOST EFFECTIVE when combined with exercise and healthy food consumption. You cannot expect to eat whatever you want and lose weight or keep the WEIGHT OFF – your eating habits must improve in order for your weight to improve.

The FDA has recognized raspberry ketones since 1965 and has stated that they are considered relatively safe.

If you’re allergic to raspberries, I wouldn’t recommend taking this supplement, but it is ALWAYS best to consult a physician.

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