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Are Acai Berries in Liquid Form Better than Pills

What’s the difference? We already know for a fact that the acai berry is beneficial to our body, we know that it can help us in leading a healthy lifestyle and to prevent the risks of contracting diseases, so why should we care if it is in liquid or pill form? Yes, to all of the questions, yes there is a difference, and yes we should care because this difference will spell out how effective the acai berry we ingest would be in helping us achieve our health goals.

Acai berry is usually sold as a capsule or pill, or as a drink, either as a juice, and now even a soda. The big difference lies in the fact that liquid and its nutrients are better absorbed by our body than a pill or capsule. It may be difficult to comprehend that a soda will be healthy for our body, this may even sound as a scam to some, but its not, many manufacturers today have found that when acai berry is ingested in a liquid state, it is more beneficial.

Acai BerryTo set matters straight, let us look at how an acai berry soda works.

The acai berry soda does not come in a bottle or a can, its more like a seltzer or a powder. By just mixing it with cool water, you will soon have a healthy and refreshing drink full of nutrients promoting good health that comes with a great grape and chocolaty flavor.

Acai berry soda manufacturers make use of a process that ensures that you will be able to benefit from this acai berry product the same way you would with a fresh just picked from the tree acai berry fruit. It has a simpler process which doesn’t strip off the product from all the healthy goodness that the fruit can provide. But with the pill or capsule form, the acai berry has to undergo numerous processes, such as baking, and drying, just to achieve its powdery form. This multiple process that the fruit has to undergo diminishes its capabilities of providing health benefits to the consumer.

Also, because it is in a powdered form, compacted to a pill or in a capsule, the body has to digest first the product to release its benefits. Like food, our body is not able to process its entirety all the time. So, only a small percentage of the acai berry pill is absorbed by the body, thus not getting enough of what the fruit has to offer.

But, with the acai berry juice or soda, because it is in liquid form, the body is able to absorb most of the nutrients it provides and be able to make use of its full potential. Thus, it becomes more effective in helping you to reach your health goals.

And another great advantage of the acai berry soda or juice, is that because they are simpler to make, they don’t cost as much to produce, so they are much cheaper than acai berry pills. You not only get full potential, but you also get to save money.


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