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Lose Weight Fasting Hottest Diet Around

One of the hottest diet products on the market right now shows you how to lose weight fasting.

Fasting has long been associated with religious rituals. People have gone on fasts to protest political decisions. Of late, the trend has been to lose weight fasting.

Fasting can bring about weight loss quickly as you are not taking in any calories. Some long term varieties of the weight loss fast allow you to drink juice, eat grapes, or have a low calorie meal substitute over a period of several weeks.

Ice Cold LemonadeWhile such a fasting plan will result in dramatic weight loss, there is a question as to whether you can keep the pounds off once you stop fasting. There is no behavior change component to this plan.

Another lose weight fasting plan involves a toxin cleanse of the body. While some medical professionals argue that the body has everything it needs to clean toxins without dramatic shifts in diet, many dieters disagree.

One popular colon cleanse diet involves drinking only lemon water sweetened with grade b maple syrup and spiced with ground cayenne peppers. You drink this while taking in absolutely no food for a minimum of 10 days.

Celebrities like Beyonce and Denzel Washington reportedly have gone on this lemonade diet which was first popularized 50 years ago by Stanley Burrows. You will drink 6 to 12 glasses of the specially formulated lemonade daily and eat no food.

You will experience a “cleansing” of the colon on this diet which involves running to the restroom frequently in the early days of the program. Many people who finish the diet report that they lose 7-10 pounds during the fast, feel increased energy, and want to eat healthier foods in the future. Some people recommend that you do the 10 day program twice per year to maintain the health benefits.

The final weight loss fast program I am going to talk about here is the alternating days fast. In this program, you can eat whatever you want on even days and then abstain from all foods and beverages except for spring water on odd days.

With a traditional calorie restricted diet, your metabolism slows down so that you actually have a harder time losing weight. This is because your body is trying to reserve energy instead of burning calories.

With the alternating fast, you will trick your body into keeping your metabolism high by having some days with a lot of food and some days with no food. In short, you will be taking in half of the calories but keeping your metabolism running at full throttle.

Some of the alternating diet programs suggest that it is possible to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks.

You can lose weight fasting. The question is whether you can keep it off once the fast ends. Maintaining your wait involves more than doing an occasional fast. It requires you to eat mostly healthy food in moderate amounts.

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