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Master Cleanse Instructions Jump Start Weight And Body Cleansing

Want to jump start your weight loss? Want to rid your body of unhealthy toxins while losing excess body fat? If you answered yes to either, or both, of those questions than you should give the master cleanse a try. For anyone who is unsure of what the master cleanse is or how you go about it, I will explain the master cleanse instructions in this article.

The master cleanse is a liquid mixture that anyone can make them selves at home with some commonly found household items. You will take this mixture in place of your meals for a ten day period. During that time you won’t eat any solid foods but rather exist solely on the cleanse mixture which can be supplemented with water, tea and clear broth.

By doing this you will lose anywhere from ten to twenty pounds (some of that weight loss will be in the form of water weight which you will gain back, but some will be in the form of excess body fat which you won’t gain back, if you eat right, that is).

Liquid DietDuring the cleanse you will also flush toxins from your body. This isn’t the easiest of diets to stick to but for those who have, they’ve found that they have an easier time of eating healthy foods even after they’ve completed the cleanse.

That’s because the toxins in your system can have an addictive nature. The more junk you have in your system the more junk you seem to want. When you clean all the junk out, you simply don’t seem to have as many cravings as you once did which means it’s easier to stick with a good diet plan even after the cleanse.

You do have to make sure and ask your doctor if you can go on this type of diet. I’m not a doctor and I can’t give you medical advice. If your doctor says its ok than you should prepare yourself first.

To prepare yourself you’ll first want to pick a start date. Give yourself a week (or at least several days) lead time before you start the cleanse. Doing this will help you get yourself used to the idea. You can also help prepare your body by lowering the amount of calories you take in daily just prior to starting the cleanse.

If you eat your normal diet one day and try to only ‘eat’ a liquid diet the next, you’re going to find it’s very difficult to stick with. If,on the other hand, you make a slight change to the number of calories you take in as well as what types of foods you eat a day or two before you start the cleanse your body won’t be as shocked by the change and it will be easier to stick with the cleanse.

To lose excess body fat as well as detoxify your body follow these simple master cleanse instructions. Just make sure that you ask your doctor if he thinks it’s OK for you to do it. If you’re not healthy enough for the cleanse you might do more harm than good.

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