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Nutrition And Weightloss Boot Camp

Nutrition And Weightloss Boot Camp

Nutrition and weightloss boot camps should go hand in hand. Relearning healthy habits is important when trying to lose weight.

Proper nutrition can be confusing. You may think you already eat healthy foods but have you ever read the labels of the things that you eat? Let’s just say that a typical day for you starts out cold cereal for breakfast. Is that all you eat? Do you know the correct serving size? You do if you have read the label.

The usual serving size is one cup of cereal and one cup of milk. Calorie count is probably close to 230 calories per serving. There is some protein in the milk you poured over your cereal but most of what you have just eaten is processed carbohydrates, the bad kind.

Bad because they spike your blood sugar and if you don’t burn it off immediately your body will store it as fat around your middle. The sugar content of these cereals is high.

Most “healthy” cereals have some type of sugar added to them because if they didn’t, you would not be able to eat them, they would taste terrible. Check the labels.

Nutrition and weightloss boot camps should have some sort of “class” to teach their clients about proper nutrition and how to keep up the new, healthy eating habits you learn during your stay at the camp.

There is no sense spending thousands of dollars at one of these camps losing the weight if you do not make the lifestyle changes you need to make. You will only succeed in putting the weight right back on when you come home.

That’s right, I said thousands of dollars. A typical one month stay can run you anywhere between $7,000.00 to $18,000.00 depending on where you choose to stay. Do the comparisons on your own, losing weight is big business.

Most if not all of the nutrients we put in our bodies should come from fresh foods. Processed foods came about only as a matter of convenience. No one knew at the time that people would come to rely on processed foods to feed their families after a busy day at the office.

Bad carbs are one of the biggest culprits in this country being as morbidly obese as it is. You may think you are eating healthy but if you were to stop and count the carbs you eat in one day you would see the correlation between that bad carb consumption and the fact that you cannot lose the weight and in fact keep on gaining weight.

You must re-learn how to eat if you are going to lose the excess weight you are carrying around. Find a camp that will help you re-learn how to shop and make tasty healthy meals for yourself and your family.

Nutrition and weightloss boot camps focus should be on, not only losing the weight and making lifestyle changes, but making sure that their clients can sustain that weight loss and lifestyle change after they return home.

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